Welcome to Cupertino Little Stars

Cupertino Little Stars is a home-based licensed day care and preschool which provides excellent quality care for your child from ages 3 months through Pre-Kindergarten.  We enroll a maximum of 6 children to maximize the individual attention each child receives.  We are based in Cupertino, near Bollinger and De Anza Boulevard.

At Cupertino Little Stars, we offer a loving, nurturing, educational home environment where children flourish.  When children are cared for in a small group and every opportunity is seized for a fun learning experience, magic happens.

We encourage children to reach their highest potential in whatever direction their natural talents lie.  They are also encouraged to explore many other lines of study as well as physical development.  We spend a lot of time outdoors getting plenty of fresh air and excercise in addition to our stimulating indoor activities.

We customize the learning plan by age and by the child’s personality and maturity level.  We encourage the development of a well-rounded, active, happy, healthy child with a love of learning, reading, math, art, music and other activities.

Balanced, healthy meals – breakfast, lunch, and snack – are provided, with fresh organic fruits delivered weekly.

Each day, every child’s activities and achievements are noted for review by the parents.

“Nana” Karen Hackett.

Cupertino Little Stars Daycare